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Volvo Truck Fog Lights | Fits 2004-2017 Volvo VNL Models | OEM replacement | Areion


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Volvo Truck Fog Lights with a Chrome Finish 

  • Pair of DRL dual fog lights for Volvo VNL trucks. Crafted with heavy-duty plastic and a dazzling chrome finish. SAE and DOT approved.
  • Fits Volvo VNL trucks 2004–2017.
  • 30-day return policy and six-month warranty
  • Direct aftermarket replacement for OEM 20414613 (driver side) and OEM 20414612 (passenger side).
  • Set includes two fog lights, one for the driver side and one for the passenger side. Wire harness and bulbs also included.

Best Volvo VNL Fog Lights

Set of Dual Fog Lights for Volvo Trucks - Chrome
Enjoy all the advantages of high-quality fog lights at the best price. Our dual fog lights for Volvo trucks will improve visibility and illuminate the road for safe driving.
Easy Installation
Bulbs and wire harness included.
Meets Safety Standards
These headlights conform to the rigorous standards imposed by the SAE and the DOT.
Stylish and Safe
Made to provide good light during dangerous road or weather conditions and to make your truck look unique.
Fits Volvo VNL trucks 2004–2017
Meets OEM Specifications
Direct replacement for driver side fog light OEM 20414613 and passenger side 20414612.

Set de faros antiniebla cromados para camiones Volvo
Disfruta todas las ventajas de excelentes luces antiniebla al mejor precio. Nuestras luces antiniebla duales para Volvo mejoran la visibilidad e iluminan la carretera para un manejo seguro.
Instalación fácil
El set incluye bombillos y cables.
Cumple con estándares de seguridad
Aprobadas por SAE y DOT.
Estilo y seguridad
Diseñadas para proveer en condiciones peligrosas y para darle a tu camión originalidad.
Compatible con camiones Volvo VNL 2004–2017.
Reemplazo OEM
Repuesto con certificación OEM para las piezas número 20414613 (lateral izquierdo) y 20414612 (lateral derecho).

If you need more than fog lights for Volvo semi trucks, please visit our Volvo VNL collection and discover all the products we have for you! We stand by the quality of our parts and offer a 30-day return policy, as well as a six-month warranty. If there is a problem with your Volvo VNL headlight we will gladly ship another out to you at no additional charge.

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